Denver Broncos' Offense Will be Better With Time

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

There’s a lot of talk about the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning in the aftermath of two straight losses. Some of the questions include; is Manning done, why are they so out of sync and was going after Manning a mistake? It’s way too early to answer any of those questions but that’s what we do. I am going to make a broader point in a minute, but for starters let me address the three questions.

Manning is not done, far from it. He struggled at times versus the Houston Texans but not because of arm strength. Manning’s touchdown pass to Brandon Stokley in the fourth quarter was a rope and right on the money.  Is Manning back to where he was or even where he is going to be? No but it is a process and he’s throwing the ball better today than he was in training camp, and that progress will only continue. He needs to continue to knock of rust that is a result from not playing for a year, but Manning is fine.

There’s no doubt that the offense, Manning included, is out of sync at times. Some of that has to do with the defenses that have faced; the other guys get paid too. However, yes the offense is struggling to find their rhythm. There are times when they get it rolling and it looks great but there are other times when the offense looks stagnant. People maybe tired of hearing this but it is going to get better the more games they play.

As for the last question, was going after Manning a mistake? Of course not! How anyone can make any conclusions like that after three games is beyond me, but that sentiment is out there. This leads me to my primary point and it should have been pointed out before the season; better late than never.

Any judgments on Manning and the Broncos offense should be shelved until after the bye week. At that point, they would have played six regular season games together against some quality opposition. Starting with the New Orleans Saints following the bye is when fans should start to see a more polished offense. That doesn’t mean they are going to average 40 points a game in the last ten, but there will be better than they look right now. Keep in mind, they are still averaging 25 points a game right now and most people believe they are struggling.

The NFL is a knee jerk reaction league and the early reactions to Manning and the offense of the Denver Broncos is no different. It’s tough to watch at times but it is a process that Manning and his teammates have to go through. The real truth is that the offense probably will not look like what Manning wants it to look like until sometime next season. Mini-camps, training camp and preseason games are nice but there is no substitute for regular season games. The offense is developing, Manning is getting more and more comfortable, but it takes time. No one is asking fans to wait till next season, but reserve judgments till after the bye week.

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