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Green Bay Packers Must Use Blown Call As Motivation


After it was all said and done the Green Bay Packers are officially 1-2 and one game behind the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings in the NFC North. There is nothing the players, coaches, and apparently even the NFL can do about changing the botched call.

At this point, there is only one thing to do and that is to use the blown call as motivation going forward. Green Bay has the sympathy of the world today but starting tomorrow that is all going to go out the window. The Packers will find no sympathy from the 0-3 New Orleans Saints nor from any other opponent they face this season.

Head coach Mike McCarthy stood at the podium during his postgame press conference and refused to discuss the officiating. Many people felt that was a good opportunity for someone to finally stand up and say something, but McCarthy knew exactly what he was doing. He was stacking the logs and applying the gasoline, readying the fire that will be his team from this week forth.

Some players took to Twitter to unleash their anger and frustration onto the world. Fans enjoyed watching this and chimed in with their own opinions. Twitter exploded with the aftermath lasting several hours. Even as you read this people are still tweeting tidbits here and there about their frustration and lack of sleep due to the horrible ending of Monday night’s game.

The veterans on the team did not need to take to Twitter to show their anger. Players such as Charles Woodson has been down this road before and knows there is nothing that can be done but to accept the loss and move on.

“This is early in the season, so we’ve still got a long road ahead. That was a playoff situation and we had to go home after that. I don’t want to compare the two,” Woodson said referring to the 2001 AFC Playoffs in which the Oakland Raiders lost to the New England Patriots on the infamous “Tuck Rule”. “I just looked at the replay, and to me it clearly looks like we had the interception and they gave it to the other team. I mean, what are you going to do? We’ll go back to Green Bay and just continue to get better as a team.”

Woodson knows exactly what is up. He understands this is an unfortunate situation to be in but it can only go up hill from here. McCarthy and the Green Bay coaching staff are going to use Monday night’s outcome as fuel to motivate every single player to play at the highest level possible.

The Packers have clearly struggled on offense in the first three weeks of the season, and because of that, the entire team has suffered. Green Bay is an offensive team that sets records, not a group of players that average 19 points per game. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers will use the missed call to make his teammates concentrate harder and play better.

Of course, the Packers could allow this unfortunate mistake get to them. Instead of winning games, they continue their losing ways and fall into a deeper hole. I personally do not believe this will happen because Green Bay has a veteran team with outstanding coaches. Not to mention, this is mostly the same team that won the Super Bowl two years ago and organizations like that do not go down without a fight.

Now, I leave you with an epic quote from one of the greatest sports movies of all time. It is a quote from Major League and it sums up perfectly what the Packers must do.

Jake Taylor: Well then, I guess there’s only one thing left to do.

Roger Dorn: What’s that?

Jake Taylor: Win the whole [expletive] thing.

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