Lance Easley, Replacement Referee Who Blew Monday Night’s Call, Was Not Division I Ready

Joe Nicholson-US PRESSWIRE

Lance Easley, I feel for you. I get that the possibility of being a replacement referee in the NFL was too much of a grab for you. However, you were told you were not ready to ref Division I games. Why did you decide to join the big league?

“I got to know Lance at a June academy I worked at in Reno and when he came to my academy in July,” Richins said. “He’s a very polite, good Christian gentleman, a good father to his son, Daniel, who was at my academy as well.

“But was Lance ready to work at the NFL level? Absolutely not.”

That quote comes from Karl Richins, the man who trained Easley to be a ref.  He went through the ref training to do some college games but he was simply not ready for it.  However, he jumped at the chance to do professional games.

This is not a knock on Easley.  You could not turn this down if you were in his shoes.  The possibility is really just once in a lifetime.  However, this should fall right back on the league that hired him.  They knew things like this were going to happen, yet they hired these guys anyways.

Easley is going to be in the news for a while and I expect him to not ref this weekend.  At the very least, he will be kept away from Packers fans.  He was never meant to be in that situation, but the league decided to compromise itself.


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