New Jersey Senate Getting Involved in NFL Replacement Referee Issue

By lauraludlum
The Star Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

Maybe if you live under a rock, you haven’t heard or seen footage from last night’s blown touchdown call that gave the Seattle Seahawks a 14-12 victory* (I use that term loosely) over the Green Bay Packers.

Well, even though it occurred more than 3,000 miles away, apparently that call was the straw that broke the New Jersey Senate’s back. New Jersey Senate president Steve Sweeny will introduce a legislation to ban sporting events in New Jersey if they are using fill-in officials.

While it may say NY on both the New York Giants’ and New York Jets’ jerseys, the place that these two teams call home, MetLife Stadium, does in fact lie in the heart of the Meadowlands in the great garden state of New Jersey.

Sweeny pointed out that the NFL is compromising the safety of the players and added that the NFL is making a mockery of the sport. He goes on to say that he wouldn’t allow a construction site to operate without fully trained supervisors.

Well, perhaps he should take a moment to soak in the view from MetLife Stadium itself, and focus on the construction around that area that consists of torn up roadways, closed exit ramps and stop signs at the entrances of major highways. This is a construction site that was slated to be finished before New Jersey hosts the Super Bowl in 2014 but is now over a year behind schedule.

With all due respect, Sweeny, while I agree that this replacement referee issue needs to be addressed promptly, I don’t think that taking a stand against the NFL should be number one on the list of New Jersey’s top priorities.


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