NFL Power Rankings Week 4

By Marc Jenkins
The Houston Texans Sit On Top of Week Four's Power Rankings
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With a wild week three of gridiron action in the books it’s now time to see where all the winners, losers and those who were robbed sit in my NFL Power Rankings entering week four.


1 Houston Texans (3-0): With one of the top defensive units in the league and an offense that seems to be clicking well right now the Texans now move into the number one slot. (Last week #2)

2 Atlanta Falcons (3-0): After destroying another previously unbeaten team on the road the Falcons seem as if they are by far ready to embark on a totally successful season. (Last week #3)

3 Arizona Cardinals (3-0): The Cardinals defense has put up yet another dominant performance and after this one can anyone deny that they are for real; they are 3-0 for the first time since 1974. (Last week #8)

4 Baltimore Ravens (2-1): Following a close victory in a rematch of last year’s AFC title game the Ravens have once again showed why they are a team to be reckoned with and a serious contender. (Last week #6)

5 New York Giants (2-1): Ever since the Giants got that first week loss out of their system, Eli Manning and his offense have put up tons of points, 77 to be exact. (Last week #14)

6 San Francisco 49ers (2-1): They dominated the first two NFC North teams which they faced, however when they squared off against arguably the worst of that division the Niners fell flat on their faces. (Last week #1)

7 Dallas Cowboys (2-1): The Cowboys showed they have some new found toughness in them during a close win versus a very physical team. (Last week #13)

8 Chicago Bears (2-1): The Bears are the Jekyll and Hyde of this early NFL season, one week they look great, the next terrible and the next pretty good again. (Last week #15)

9 Seattle Seahawks (2-1): The Seahawks were the recipient of one of the most egregious calls to end a game in NFL history however their defense is serious and they fit right in with what the protocol seems to be in the NFC West. (Last week #16)

10 Philadelphia Eagles (2-1): After winning their first two games by a combined score of two points, the Eagles were blown out by three touchdowns in their third. (Last week #5)

11 Cincinnati Bengals (2-1): The Bengals have seemed to put their week one embarrassing loss well behind them and have put together consecutive wins versus rookie signal callers. (Last week #21)

12 San Diego Chargers (2-1): The Chargers looked great for the first two weeks and then were crushed at home versus a much better team; how quick can they rebound from this loss? (Last week #4)

13 Buffalo Bills (2-1): Despite losing the number one rusher in the league, C.J. Spiller, the Bills still found a way to pull out a tough victory and remain tied a top of the AFC East. (Last week #23)

14 Minnesota Vikings (2-1): The Vikings may just be the most surprising team with a 2-1 record in the NFL, especially considering the team who they just knocked off to get there. (Last week #26)

15 New York Jets (2-1): The Jets offense still looks extremely questionable to say the least and now the defense will have to suit up for the remainder of the year without the best player, Darrelle Revis. (Last week #22)

16 Green Bay Packers (1-2): The Packers absolutely got robbed at the end of their last loss, however if their offense was playing better right now the game would have never been left for the replacement referees to decide. (Last week #7)

17 New England Patriots (1-2): The Patriots have a losing record for the first time in a decade and if they don’t figure out how to fix their offensive line and defense then they could end up with one at the end of the year too. (Last week #10)

18 Denver Broncos (1-2): If the Broncos can figure out how to play at a high level during the entire game and not just when trailing big in the second half then they could be one of the scarier teams in the league. (Last week #11)

19 Pittsburgh Steelers (1-2): So far this season the Steelers are 0-2 on the road versus the AFC West, they also need to get healthy on defense quickly before it’s too late. (Last week #12)

20 Tennessee Titans (1-2): Jake Locker had a career game and the Titans pulled out an incredible victory in overtime in front of their home fans, it was a total franchise boosting win. (Last week #29)

21 Detroit Lions (1-2): The Lions haven’t looked good at any point during this young season; could the pressure of expectations this season be getting to them? (Last week #9)

22 Oakland Raiders (1-2): The Raiders notched their first win in the Dennis Allen era, now the question is how much momentum can they build with this? (Last week #31)

23 Kansas City Chiefs (1-2): The Chiefs pulled out a tough overtime victory, their first of the season, thanks to some timely defense and 233 rushing yards from Jamal Charles. (Last week #28)

24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-2): The culture in the Bucs locker room and how they compete on the field has clearly changed however Josh Freeman must get his act together before it’s too late. (Last week #20)

25 St. Louis Rams (1-2): The Rams offense was missing in action last week and unless Sam Bradford steps up and becomes a big time quarterback they will sink quickly in a vastly improved NFC West. (Last week #17)

26 Carolina Panthers (1-2): Cam Newton and the Panthers laid a complete egg at home on Thursday Night Football and unless improvement happens rapidly they can kiss their bold Super Bowl predictions goodbye. (Last week #19)

27 Washington Redskins (1-2): Robert Griffin III continues to play at a high level but with all of the injuries on the defensive side of the ball it is tough for him to do it all. (Last week #18)

28 Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2): Blaine Gabbert finally showed that he can be a starting quarterback in the NFL now can he prove that he should remain one. (Last week #32)

29 Indianapolis Colts (1-2): The Colts knew this season would produce games such as the one they lost last week, it’s going to be a long season in Indy. (Last week #24)

30 Miami Dolphins (1-2): The Dolphins need to get more out of their offense and quarterback Ryan Tannehill otherwise this could be a rough year for the fans in South Beach. (Last week #25)

31 New Orleans Saints (0-3): No one could have imagined that the Saints would be winless after three games and with two tough games coming up they could completely transform back into the Aints of the 80’s. (Last week #27)

32 Cleveland Browns (0-3): Brandon Weeden had a much better game last week but he still looks like he should be on the baseball field instead of the football field. (Last week #30)


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