Replacement Refs: Botched Replacement Refs Call Will Not Help Locked Out Referees

By Ryan Gaydos

This is how every single Green Bay Packers executive, coach, player and fan should feel. The replacement referees that the NFL has replaced the normal referees with have not been cutting it.

The entire nation witnessed the Baltimore Ravens win Sunday night and also the skirmishes that took place in which all of maybe one flag was flown to knock it down. Monday night, the nation witnesses Packers’ cornerback M.D. Jennings clearly get an interception over the hand of Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate on a Hail Mary attempt on fourth-and-10 and the refs call it a touchdown even upon further review. Basically, tie goes to the offensive player.

This is not how a game like this should be played regardless of how early it is in the season. Slow down the play and you can clearly see that Jennings intercepted the ball. Everyone and their mothers are complaining about the replacement refs but in reality will this help the locked out referees? No.

Games like the last two prime-time ones give the locked out referees more leverage meaning that they could be in position to receive the amount of money that they are asking for instead of being negotiated with and compromised for. Football fans would love to see Commissioner Roger Goodell reinstate the refs that shaped and molded the game but Goodell is not about to give the locked out officials the world. Do not expect any crazy decision being handed down.

Nobody is going to stop watching the NFL, although the referees have been deemed atrocious. Nobody will turn it off on Sundays and wait for Ed Hochuli to return to the field. The problem is if this continuous it could greatly tarnish the playoffs and the Super Bowl if bad calls, like these, are continually being made.

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