The Big Reasons Why the NFL Statement On MNF Officiating was Delayed

By Tina Musial

This morning the NFL announced they would be making an official statement on the disastrous officiating from last night’s Monday Night Football game between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks.

Why not release the statement instead of talking about doing it?

The NFL head office peeps should have been watching the game in real time and seen the bad calls, missed calls, and horrendous last call of the game as soon as they happened. So what’s the hold up to releasing a few words regarding the performance of the replacement referees that are upholding the integrity of the game and the brand?

Oh, because the replacements aren’t upholding the integrity as expected. The league office was scrambling on how to spin the situation in their favor.

Following are a few ideas on why the NFL took so long to release a statement:

1 – League employees had to huddle around the rule book to try and determine the rules and if the replacements were right.
2 – They had to wait for all of the league officials to come in to the office to talk about it around the water cooler.
3 – They are still watching the DVR of the game to see what happened.
4 – They were waiting for Jerry Jones to watch the DVR of the play and form an opinion so they can say “ditto what he said.”
5 – The admin who writes statements is out getting coffee.
6 – They can’t figure out what to say without throwing the replacements under the bus or indicting themselves.
7 – There aren’t words that can explain the horrendous calls through the entire game.

Maybe it is a combination of several factors listed. But seriously, why did it take so long to reply to fans, players and even the coach’s outrage over the actions that decided the outcome of a game?

Let’s blame the refs is not the answer anymore. Although the refs are trained in the leagues they came from, they were given a crash course on NFL rules.  They were given a monster sized rulebook to study and within two months they were expected to perform at a high level. They have been under tons of scrutiny and criticism for three weeks now, so their hesitation to get calls correct makes them seem unsure and not that they are doing their best in a no win situation.

So the delay was probably because creative thinking takes some time. The league office wanted to protect themselves and the refs they are relying on to officiate these games. They can’t upset the replacements, because what happens if they decide to walk out since the abuse isn’t worth taking? Replacements for replacements?

When the statement was finally released, it basically said this:

“The result of the game stands.”

And there was some recitation of the rulebook. With the statement the league declared their support to the replacement refs, slammed the door shut on the Packers disputing the game result and plugged their ears to the outcry of the fans demanding action to get the regular refs back. Nothing changed, nothing was resolved and fans are left hoping the dispute ends FAST.



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