Titans Tuesday: Jason McCourty visits Goodlettsville Middle School

By Stephanie Umek
Nate Washington against New England Patriots

It makes a child’s day when they meet a professional athlete, many times it can actually change a person’s life. The best part is that it is the simplest things that they athlete is able to do that makes these moments possible. In partnership with the NFL’s Play 60 program the Tennessee Titans take part in “Titans Tuesday”.

This week, Titans cornerback Jason McCourty made a visit to Goodlettsville middle school to speak to the students. McCourty has a lot of experience with tempers in the sports related field. His brother and him are now playing on opposite teams, Devin McCourty plays for the New England Patriots.

Up until this year the McCourty brothers have always played on the same team, but since they were little the trash talk has always been a big controversy between the two. Jason stressed during his talk on Tuesday to the students that words of encouragement are best, especially after a tough game or any life situation.

Along with McCourty’s visit to the middle school, receivers Nate Washington and Damian Williams along with tight ends Craig Stevens and Taylor Thompson visited patients at St. Thomas Hospital.

The most touching story from the hospital visit though was a family that Washington and Williams met. How ironic that Washington went on this particular Tuesday is beyond me, maybe it was planned. Carolyn and Tim Tucker from Central City, Kentucky are Titans season ticket holders and were at the hospital.

The Tuckers got a chance to meet Washington and according to Tim Tucker the catch that was made against the Detroit Lions “was unbelievable” and “one of the best catches I’ve ever seen, and special teams were phenomenal”.

Sometimes the athletes go to these appearances to makes others feel better, sometimes it’s the people that remind the players that they are doing a great job.

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