Victory over Peyton Manning shows culture change for Houston Texans

By Joe Serenka
Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

Every sports fan knows the feeling, the dread that comes from facing that one certain team. There is always that one team that knows how to beat your favorite team. Sometimes it is a blowout and others they get that one bounce that seals the game but in the end you are left holding your head in your hands and cursing under your breath. For  Houston Texans fans this team has been the Indianapolis Colts and more importantly quarterback Peyton Manning.

Over the years Manning has been able to amass a 16-2 record against the Texans coming into this season. When a player has been that successful against one team you can feel anxiety about facing them. Getting up that game day morning the butterflies are in the stomach, the tension is heavy in the air and false optimism is the unwritten rule. For the Texans against Manning  this went on season after season. Manning does not have a perfect record against the Texans but he has enough wins that a Texan victory was considered shocking.

In 2011 Manning went down with an injury in the off-season and did not play the entire season. The Texans were able to win the division and go to the playoffs but did not have to knock off a Manning led Colts. The division championship was a huge step for the Texans and showed they were assembling a team that will be a force to be reckoned with. The only thing missing last season was a victory over Manning to cement their dominance in the division.

Even though Manning left the AFC South in the off-season and joined the Denver Broncos the Texans were given the opportunity to establish themselves as elite by defeating the bane of their existence, Peyton Manning. The Texans are now the team to beat in the AFC South and a victory over Manning only adds to their swagger. Now the Texans do not have the dread about facing the Colts or Manning. They are among the elite and no longer have Manning as a nemesis.

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