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Weekly Rant: Where was the outcry on Sunday?

Green Bay Packers Seattle Seahawks Blown Call

Joe Nicholson- US Presswire

Was it an interception? Yes. Was it a terrible call? Yes. Was it a call that finally affected the outcome of a game like everyone though it eventually would? Yes. We all, well maybe except Seattle Seahawks fans, are in agreement that M.D. Jennings did bring down the ball in the final seconds of the Green Bay Packers and Seahawks game. Somehow, however, the referees came to the conclusion, even using review cameras, that the catch was actually made by Golden Tate and resulted in a touchdown. Then to make matters worse, Roger Goddell and the NFL issued statements today trying to reaffirm the call, in hopes that it would quiet the masses. Right.

While I do agree that the call was incorrect and that the replacement referees are in over their heads, I can’t help but remember the 59 minutes and 52 seconds prior to that terrible call. How soon we have forgotten that Aaron Rodgers was sacked eight times in the first half… eight times! He managed 232 passing yards but he also couldn’t find his way to the end zone for the entire game. The outcome of a game should never come down to the last play of the game.

My point of this rant is where was the outcry on Sunday? Cris Carter has been firing on all cylinders today in an outrage over this blown call, but what about the safety of the players? Are we all hypocrites? Maybe some of you didn’t see Matt Schaub get run over by a train on Sunday, but if you didn’t, he was hit so hard that his helmet flew off and a chunk of his ear came off. Joe Mays hit Shaub so hard that it made my body hurt and I wasn’t even on the field. A flag was thrown and he was penalized for roughing the passer but he should have been thrown out immediately. Give credit to Shaub for actually standing up after that hit, but he managed to only stay out for one play. Mays was issued a suspension today by the league and fined $50,000, as he should be.

Then there was the illegal hit to Darrius Heyward-Bey that knocked him unconscious on the field. That hit resulted in no penalty. Ryan Mundy jumped head first into the receiver on an attempted catch in the end zone, hitting Heyward-Bey in the facemask.  He most likely lost consciousness mid-air and then slammed head first down on the ground. On Monday, he was released from the hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion and a neck strain, but will be able to play eventually. The whole time I was watching the game, my thoughts were of his family watching and not knowing what happened. I was worried, and then I was angry. Where were the referees? Why has this gotten so out of hand?

Sure both of those hits was talked about and highlighted on Monday, but they weren’t the one and only topic discussed like the Packers and Seahawks finale. If you ask some people, they don’t even think the hits were that bad. I’m sick of hearing the same old, “well that’s football” or “just let them play football.” I’m sorry if I woke up today not that outraged about the outcome of the Packers game. I’m also sorry that people who played the game like Carter and other sports analysts only think inside the box and only make a stink when teams that are supposed to win, don’t win. I mean, that’s really what it comes down to, isn’t it? Just ask the writers who are researching how much money was lost on bets Monday night.

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Ed Szcepanski- US Presswire