What Does the Birdgang Mean to Arizona Cardinals Fans?

Darnell Dockett Arizona Cardinals

Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

For the first three weeks of the season, #birdgang has been trending like crazy and blowing up peoples’ twitter feeds all across the NFL. Arizona Cardinals fans are going absolutely nuts for their team, and for good reason, as the Cardinals started 3-0 for the first time in 38 years.

The Cardinals, in my opinion, beat three top ten teams, and with Sunday’s blowout, they don’t show any signs of stopping. The “Birdgang” was originality coined by the Cardinals defensive end Darnell Dockett. Dockett has tweeted on numerous occasions “this little thing of ours”.

Some other bird mascot teams fans have tried to make it their own, but if you’re ever on twitter, Cardinals fans have made it a point to make sure the rest of the league knows that it’s “this little thing of ours”. For the first time since the improbable Super Bowl run fans have something to cheer about. The birdgang is a legitimate  contender.

Tomorrow the power rankings come out and the rest of the league will finally see a top ten team.

In fact, the league could see three NFC West teams in the top ten. Although a long shot, the Seattle Seahawks, Cardinals, and San Francisco 49ers have all beaten teams that have been ranked number 1 in the league at one point. The NFC West is tough and there is no denying that.

When the Miami Dolphins visit Arizona this weekend, fans will be looking for a blow out. For the first time this season I will expect a blow out. However, the Cardinals have a habit of proving me wrong.

One thing I do know, is the birdgang  is a team first philosophy, and as long as the Cardinals continue to play as a team; they will win.


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