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5 Main reasons why the Titans were able to outlast the Lions in Week 3

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Darius Reynaud

Darius Reynaud

There was a lot going on in the Tennessee Titans game on Sunday. I still can’t decide if it was actually that great of a game, or if there was just a lot of unorganized plays that occurred. But I do know it was one of the craziest games that my two eyes have ever seen. And the head coaches from both sides agree that they have yet to see anything like it in their years in the NFL.

The Lions took off with two great field goals in the first half, but that was about as exciting as it got for them because the Titans took over. But the Lions are a second half team, and everyone should know that by now being week three.

The Titans had many things fall into place for them in the beginning of the game, they had many franchise records as well as career records that were broken or tied. They just had a lot going on.

The Titans need to learn to be more concrete with a lot of their plays. Jake Locker looked better than he has all season, but they don’t have much time to celebrate the win, as the Houston Texans are waiting for them.

The following slides include five reasons why the Titans were able to pull off this very sloppy win. I know a win is a win, but it creates a lot of unneeded stress in the eyes of a team that last year, awaited results from many other teams just to see if they would make it into the playoffs. This is a situation that Tennessee can avoid, if they can just win games earlier in the season.

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Tommie Campbell

tommie campbell

If this isn’t one of the best plays that you have seen watching football, you’re nuts. The Titans were able to successfully recreate a play they haven’t done since 1999 against the Buffalo Bills in a Wild Card Playoff game. The Music City Miracle 2 play came when Darius Reynaud fielded a Detroit punt only to toss a lateral pass to Tommie Campbell who returned the ball 65 yards for a touchdown. Darius Reynaud later in the game decided to provide a 105 yard kickoff return of his own. A Third was completed by Alterraun Verner for a 72-yard fumble return.

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Jared Cook touchdown


Right after the Miracle play by Reynard and Campbell, Jake Locker connected with Jared Cook for a 61-yard touchdown and the Titans went ahead 17-6 with 13 minutes left in half. It was great to see Jake Locker finally get a touchdown in this game. But wasn’t just any old touchdown. They play was the longest pass of Locker's career, and the 2nd-longest catch of Cook's career. By the end of the first half, Locker has earned his longest pass and longest rush of his NFL career in this game.

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Rob Bironas kicking against Lions

rob bironas

If you know any Titans fans, they will be the first to tell you that Rob Bironas is a solid go-to player if the team cannot get into the redzone. Today, Rob Bironas not only hit his 19th consecutive field goal but also his 20th field goal. This tied a franchise record and put the Titans up 20-9 before half time. He then had a chance to break the record in the third but missed a 41 yard field goal. After a crazy comeback in the last two minutes including a touchdown by Fortunately a field goal made by Bironas in overtime was enough to hold the Lions despite a threating drive. Titans win this exciting one 44-41.

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Jake Locker rush

jake locker

Jake Locker showed everyone at the end of the game that he is able to play with the professionals. With everything accomplished and all the ups and downs, Locker sealed the deal with a 71 yard reception to wide receiver Nate Washington, another career long record there. Washington helped Locker out big time though to complete the pass literally catching the ball behind the back of the defender, Jacob Lacey.

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Derrick Morgan Tennessee Titans defense

derrick morgan

The Titans defense was killer at the end of the game. In overtime, during the Lions’ last drive, it had to be nerve racking that Tennessee only had three points to work with. When the Titans defense was able to put a stop to the Lions’ drive, it was a sigh of relief that the game was finally over.