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Cleveland Browns: Coach Gruden, Come On Down!

Howard Smith-US Presswire

As the Cleveland Browns head in to week four of the 2012 NFL season with an 0-3 record, it’s safe to say major changes are coming. We all wanted so badly to believe Mike Holmgren was the answer to our prayers. Sorry fans, it just didn’t happen and I feel your pain. The H & H & S law firm has failed miserably. Counting three games already in 2012, this regime has compiled a 9 -26 record. This is counting Eric Mangini‘s 5-11 season in 2010. Like the regimes before them, they have promised the world to us, emphasized patience, and gladly taken our hard earned money. Now, with Jimmy Haslam coming in to wipe the slate clean once again, Browns fans have got to wonder when this nightmare will end.

It has been rumored that former coach Jon Gruden is coming back to the sidelines in 2013. Although he is a color commentator for ESPN on Monday Night Football, that itch to coach has got to be coming back. Despite most people saying he is overrated and inherited Tony Dungy‘s Super Bowl built team, the guy can coach with the best of them. Including playoffs, Gruden has a record of 100-85 and has won a Super Bowl. Born just over and hour away from Cleveland, there are more than a couple reasons that Gruden would choose the Browns as his next destination. Here are a few:

1) Haslam has a University of Tennessee connection with him

2) In Gruden’s famous QB Camp, Brandon Weeden really caught his eye

3) His coaching style fits very well in a rugged AFC North

4) Gruden grew up a Browns fan and played his college ball at Dayton

5) Father knows best, Gruden’s dad thinks the Browns are a good fit for his son. 

Let’s just say he actually considered coming to the friendly confines of Lake Erie, how much worse could it be? For 13 years, we have watched six (Chris Palmer, Butch Davis, Terry Robiskie (Interim), Romeo Crennel, Mangini, and Pat Shurmur) coaches fail every year for the most part. Their combined record up till today, 68 wins and 143 losses. This is unacceptable! Paul Brown has not just turned in his grave, he has done a 360 degree turn 13 times! Not one of those coaches had any emotion or fire on the sidelines. The fans here are sick of dopey, emotionless, everything is a “process” conservative coaching. How would fans feel if Haslam brought in a coach the exact opposite of all those things? Talking to a very knowledgeable Browns fan of 35 years, Denny of Xenia, Ohio had this to say, “Jon Gruden is a very polarizing figure. He brings energy to a team. I think great coaches rub off on their players and they take on that coach’s demeanor or attitude.” I couldn’t agree more Denny.

Browns fans have been through it all with the past coaches and front office. There has not been a dominate coach in Cleveland since Marty Schottenheimer. Please don’t say a young Bill Belichick was dominate while donning brown and orange pullovers. We can sit here and blame all the past regimes for poor personnel decisions, but the real blame is from up top, Randy Lerner. All that is about to change. If we have to start over again, please Mr. Haslam, consider a coach like Jon Gruden.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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