Injury Status of Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford Uncertain

By Brian Cote

The Detroit Lions seem to be playing Columbo to an extent when answering questions about QB Matthew Stafford’s injury.

We were all told first that he suffered a hamstring injury in the loss to the Tennessee Titans. That report was ultimately changed to a non-specific leg injury and then he was listed on the team’s practice report with a hip injury.

So what is the injury and what is the extent of the damage? It is obvious that the Lions are playing possum to a degree with their next opponent the Minnesota Vikings.

So have Detroit fans been lead to believe that the leg, umm wait… the hamstring or the hip injury is not that serious at all? This political like pottering by HC Jim Schwartz and even Stafford himself when answering questions with the media has just drawn more interest to the validity and severity of the injury.

The Lions have not started the NFL season off the way that they wanted to or the way that the organization planned. The team does not want to lose a division game to the Vikings. This would risk falling further behind in the NFC North with team’s like the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears left to play division games with.

The team should come clean with Stafford. At least for fantasy football players sake, right?

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