New York Giants Must Get to Michael Vick

By Christopher Gamble
The Star-Ledger-US PRESSWIRE

When the New York Giants take on the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night, there should be only one key for the Giants, get to Michael Vick.  With the Eagles offensive line currently undergoing a major overhaul due to injuries, the New York Giants need to take advantage and pressure him throughout the game.

The Eagles took a big hit when they lost left tackle Jason Peters for the season with a ruptured Achilles.  The Eagles just haven’t been able to protect Vick and it shows in his stat line every week.  He has completed only 55.2 percent of his passes, thrown for only 3 TDs and has been sacked 9 times, five alone came in the Arizona Cardinals game last week.  His passer rating is 29th in the NFL right now, sandwiched between Josh Freeman and Brandon Weeden at 66.3.  Clearly, Michael Vick is not comfortable when he drops back to pass.

So far this season, the Giants vaunted pass rush has been hit and miss.  They were completely absent from the Week 1 matchup against the Dallas Cowboys, showed up at times in Week 2 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and started to make their presence felt against the Carolina Panthers last Thursday.  However, the pass rush needs to be in full effect on Sunday night.  The Giants defensive line needs to take over the game and dominate from the start.

Jason Pierre-Paul has only 1.5 sacks so far, which leads the team.  Osi Umenyiora has just 1 sack.  Justin Tuck has yet to record a sack this year.  Now is the time for the Big Three to step up and abuse an Eagles offensive line that hasn’t been able to keep Vick from getting hit early and often.

This matchup favors the Giants heavily, so they must exploit the Eagles weakest point, their offensive line.  Vick can still be dangerous.  Even though he has struggled this season he is still averaging over 300 yards per game and with the Giants secondary beat up Vick could exploit the weakest point on the Giants if he has the time to do so.

It will be up to Umenyiora, Pierre-Paul, and Tuck to make sure Vick’s feet never stop moving until he hits the ground.  Those three need to step up their game and ease the pressure on the secondary which is sure to come under attack.

Vick is the key to this game.  If he has time, he can pick apart the Giants secondary.  If he doesn’t get the time he needs he will make mistakes and turn the ball over and the game could get ugly quickly for Vick and the Eagles.

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