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NFL: Defense Still Wins Championships in Today’s League

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Everyone always talks about how the new high paced offenses are taking over the league and how if you don’t have a good offense you don’t have a shot at a Super Bowl. Since 2002, teams are making moves to pick young quarterback’s in the draft and making them the future of their team. Look at how many first picks of the draft are used on quarterbacks. The teams are structuring their team around this position and making moves and spending all their money on the offense.

The age old tale of offense puts butts in the seats, but defense wins championships is tilting now to offense not only puts butts in the seats, but it also wins championships. I’m here to say not so fast.

Out of the first three weeks in the NFL, it’s becoming evident parity is among us. Teams are built so evenly that the term “Any Given Sunday” is meaningful in literally every game. 30 of the 32 teams have won at least one game so far already. That’s a staggering 93.8-percent of the teams. 84.4-percent of the teams are sitting 2-1 or 1-2 right now. These are the highest totals ever.

Offenses are better than ever as the total scoring in the NFL for the first three weeks is 2,287 points. That’s also a league record. We’ve seen a quarterback throw for over 300-yards 26 times already this season.

This next stat is why I feel defenses can still win championships.

There’s only three undefeated teams left standing in the National Football League and all three have one common distinction about them. All three rank in the top four in total defense.

Seattle who sits 2-1 is at the top with only giving up 39 total points in three games. They’re only giving up 13.0 ppg so far. That’s very impressive and the main reason they stayed in the game against the Green Bay Packers on Monday night.

The other three teams rank right behind the Seahawks. The Arizona Cardinals have given up only 40 points which is 13.3 ppg. They’ve played the Seahawks, New England Patriots, and Philadelphia Eagles. That’s no fluke for them. Their defense has won all three games.

The Houston Texans are third in giving up only 42 points (14.0 ppg). They bring so much pressure and make it difficult for teams to get any yardage on them. They just knocked of Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos so their start isn’t a fluke.

Finally, the Atlanta Falcons are the third and final undefeated team left and they rank fourth in total defense. They only gave up 48 total points in three games which equates out to 16.0 ppg.

The trio also rank in the top six in touchdowns allowed. The Cardinals lead the league as they have only given up two all season. The Texans are right  behind them with only given up four, while the Falcons are sixth as they gave up six.

This tells me that defenses still win championships and all these teams are legit. Even in this new day and age of offensive football, having a great defense will get you further.