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NFL Power Rankings: Houston Texans In Top Spot

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Houston Texans In Top Spot In Power Rankings


The week 4 NFL rankings are out and the Houston Texans are in the top spot. The Texans have combined a strong offense built around the leagues best running game, with a stout defense. Arian Foster leads the rushing attack but Gary Kubiak does a great job of getting Ben Tate some carries to keep Foster fresh. Not only are they the best running back duo in the NFL but it’s the best rushing attack in the league. The Texans are proof that running the ball still means a lot in this league.

The Texans are one of the few teams that use the pass to set up the run and it produced the Texans first touchdown of the game last week when Matt Schaub used the play action fake to find a wide open Andre Johnson. It’s a play the Texans run to perfection and have with great success over the past few years. It works because the Texans run game is so good.

On defense JJ Watt had three sacks last week against the Broncos and now in second in the league with 5.5 sacks. They held the Broncos and Peyton Manning in check for almost the entire game and only managed to give up a few late touchdowns when they were playing soft in coverage.

The NFL is a big boy league and the Houston Texans are one of the most physical teams in the league, which is why they are number 1 on this week’s list.

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Atlanta Falcons Number 2 In Power Rankings


The Atlanta Falcons come in at the number 2 spot after their impressive win in San Diego. The Falcons are usually known for their offense, which has been good, but the defense has been shutting down teams. They dominated Philip Rivers and the San Diego offense last Sunday.

Offensively, they are continue to get better. Tony Gonzalez looks to be reborn and they are tough to stop when they couple Gonzalez with Roddy White and Julio Jones. They also now have a solid 1-2 punch in the backfield with Michael Turner and Jacquizz Rodgers.

3. San Francisco 49ers: They didn’t play well in Minnesota but they are still one of the top teams in the league.

4. Baltimore Ravens: A big win on Sunday night keeps them firmly in the top 5.

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Arizona Cardinals Come In At Number 5

Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

The Arizona Cardinals make their move after another impressive win, this time over the Philadelphia Eagles. It can no longer be considered a fluke if you defeat the New England Patriots on the road and then the Eagles at home. The defense has been great and the offense is finding ways to win every week. It helps when you get your best player involved like they did last week with Larry Fitzgerald.

6. Green Bay Packers: I’m sorry, the Seahawks are better than people think and Green Bay still should’ve won the game.

7. New York Giants: They were very impressive on Thursday night with a few key players missing.

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Seattle Seahawks Are Number 8


The Seattle Seahawks come in at number 8 because no matter what you think about the call at the end of the game, they won. Their defense is relentless, fast and physical. Their cornerbacks can match-up against any receiver and that helps the front seven get after the quarterback, the formula works, they had nine sacks of Aaron Rodgers last week.

9. New England Patriots: A tough loss on the road to a good team can’t push them down too far.

10. Philadelphia Eagles: You can’t win in the NFL with all these turnovers and their luck ran out last week.

11. San Diego Chargers: They didn’t look good last week but then again, who does against the Falcons? Still a good team who needs to clean up some issues.

12. Chicago Bears: They didn’t do much against the St. Louis Rams but it was enough to win. The defense has looked very good so far this season.

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Dallas Cowboys At 13

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The Dallas Cowboys are coming in off of a hard fought win against a gritty team. It isn’t always pretty but they got the most important thing, a win. They have the league’s best defense and the revamped cornerback position has been money well spent, they’ve yet to give up a passing touchdown to an opposing wide receiver.The Dallas Cowboys are coming in off of a hard fought win against a gritty team. It isn’t always pretty but they got the most important thing, a win. They have the league’s best defense and the revamped cornerback position has been money well spent, they’ve yet to give up a passing touchdown to an opposing wide receiver.

14. Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals offense is on fire, Andy Dalton is playing really well.

15. Buffalo Bills: I don’t care what you think; this team can score points and is better than you think. They continue to put up points no matter who’s on offense.

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Minnesota Vikings Are Right In the Middle At 16

Bruce Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

The Minnesota Vikings are ranked at number 16 after beating the 49ers, who most people thought was the best team in the NFL. Christian Ponder beat San Fran at their own game last week; he controlled the game and not making any mistakes. When you hold onto the football and control the clock, you usually win. It’s the main reason the Vikings are 2-1.

17. Denver Broncos: A good team who is still learning their way on offense.

18. Pittsburgh Steelers: Oakland always seems like a rough trip for them but they still have the offense to get things back on track. Getting some key defensive pieces back wouldn’t hurt either.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: No longer the pushovers they were last year. Not inconceivable they could have been sitting here at 3-0 right now.

20. New York Jets: No run game to speak of and they just lost their best football player. Tough sledding ahead.

21. Detroit Lions: They fought hard last week but came up just short. If Matthew Stafford is out for any length of time they will be in trouble.

22. Washington Redskins: The offense looks great with RGIII but the defense is a mess.

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Kansas City Chiefs At 23

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The Kansas City Chiefs got a come from behind win that can save seasons in New Orleans last week and they hope to improve this week with a home game against the Chargers. If Jamaal Charles is fully back and can play the way he did last week, the Chiefs can be dangerous.

24. Tennessee Titans: Got the win last week and used a couple of long pass plays and gadgets to get it done. Whatever it takes.

25. Oakland Raiders: I think this team is better than this ranking but at 1-2 it’s harder to put them much higher. They appear to be grasping the offense a little better and that will help.

26. Carolina Panthers: It wasn’t pretty last Thursday night and Cam Newton needs to be a man, I didn’t say that, Steve Smith did.

27. New Orleans Saints: Does the head coach make that much of a difference? If so, they overpaid Drew Brees.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars: They don’t look horrible to me. Blaine Gabbert has shown some resiliency.

29. Miami Dolphins: Should’ve won last week but they look better than most people thought they would.

30. Indianapolis Colts: Andrew Luck is getting better every week and the Colts are no pushovers.

31. St. Louis Rams: How can you not get into the red zone at least once in a game?

32. Cleveland Browns: Still young and finding their way.