NFL Rumors: NFL and Locked Out Referees Agree to Deal?

By Jeff Shull
Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

On the heels of the Monday Night Football officiating debacle, the NFL and the NFL Referee Association have apparently agreed to a deal and are pushing towards having the real refs back as early as this weekend. Clearly the NFL, who has not met with the locked out refs since September 16, are worried about replacement refs further affecting the games.

This is huge news considering the monumental affect the replacement officials have been having on the game. You could argue that, until Monday night, they had not affected the outcome of a game. True, they had not botched a call on the final play of the game, but that came with the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks game.

Not only were there multiple blatantly wrong calls in the fourth quarter that changed the landscape of the game, such as the bogus roughing the passer call when Green Bay got an interception and a ridiculous pass interference call on Sam Shields that extended a drive, but the refs made an awful call on the final play.

I do not have to go into it. You should know what happened by now, and I’d like to keep the shred of sanity I have left.

The bottom line is, even though the NFL stood behind their replacement refs for their call on Monday, they realize the affect they are having on the game and are striving to end the lockout.

Unfortunately it had to come at the expense of the Packers’ record.

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