New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski Wants To Take Tim Tebows' Virginity

By Ben Grimaldi

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is known as one of the NFL’s biggest jokers. He loves to have fun and he doesn’t care who knows it. His trademark “Gronk” spike has become a phenomenon in New England and with Patriots fans all over the nation. Today, there is news he wants to “Gronk” something else, Tim Tebow.

It would make perfect sense if Gronkowski means he wants to tackle Tebow, except he plays on the offensive side of the ball for the rival New York Jets. However, it doesn’t seem that’s the type of tackling The Gronk is takling about.

During a speaking engagement at The University of Rhode Island someone asked Gronkowski to play the game of “Sleep with, Marry, Kill,” also known as “another word for sleep with, marry, kill.” If you’re not familiar with the game, the premise is simple, you have name three people and one for each category; one you would like to sleep with, one you would like to marry, and one you would like to do harm. It’s supposed to be a game you play just to have a little fun. Gronk’s answer took it to a new level.

According to WEEI Sportsradio Gronkowski answered, “I would like to take Tebows’ virginity.” Tebow reportedly is still a virgin because of his religious beliefs.

I’ll say this for Rob Gronkowski, he never disappoints. I have no idea what anyone is going to think about this except that those who are Patriots fans and Tebow haters will probably enjoy this. Jets fans and Tebow lovers, probably not so much. I like the fact that it’s something lighter to talk about. The past few weeks have all been about the replacement officials and the the negative effect it’s had on the game, so I’m all for having a little more fun.

I think we can all imagine what Tim Tebows’ response will be, “I think he’s a great player and I look forward to playing him soon. God Bless.” Nothing wrong with that because it seems as though it would be on par with who Tebow is.

Just as Gronkowskis’ answer is on par with who he is. It’s all in good fun, isn’t it?


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