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Dallas Cowboys Hit Jackpot With Brandon Carr And Morris Claiborne


Every off-season NFL teams assess their weaknesses and try to improve on them, either through free agency or the draft. Sometimes, as in the Dallas Cowboys‘ case, you try both. Luckily for Dallas both methods of improving the cornerback position has worked out. Actually, it’s more like they doubled down in Vegas and hit the jackpot.

I know after last week the focus has been on how bad the offensive line played that maybe we’ve lost sight of the fact the Cowboys have the best defense in the league. That is a very impressive stat but the best part has been their pass defense which ranks 2nd in the NFL, allowing just 137 yards per game. Compared to how bad the Dallas cornerbacks have gotten torched the past few years, every Cowboys fan should be doing jumping jacks while reading those statistics.

I know it’s early in the season but Brandon Carr and Morris Clairborne have been everything the Cowboys have hoped for, and more. They have solidified a secondary that couldn’t stop anybody at the end of last year. Do you realize the Cowboys pass defense hasn’t allowed a touchdown to a wide receiver yet this season? They have given up two passing touchdowns, both to tight ends.

Last week the Cowboys allowed only 110 yards passing from Josh Freeman and most of that was when the Cowboys were giving the quarterback free yards in order to keep the clock moving. It was also done with the Cowboys lining up Carr at safety for parts of the game. As the old saying goes, you can never have too many cornerbacks and that proved to be very true. When Rob Ryan needed an extra cornerback because Carr was moved to safety, he called on Mike Jenkins, who played a very good game. It seems pretty crazy to a Cowboys fan that their best corner in the past few years in now their third best corner this year.

All of this has been possible because of the impact that Carr and Claiborne have had. Claiborne was thrown right to the wolves on opening night despite little practice time in training camp because of injury but he’s been as good as advertised. He’s physical and seems to be a fast learner.

Brandon Carr has been everything the Cowboys hoped for when they signed him to the big contract in free agency. He’s shut down receivers with his aggressive style and he’s brought an attitude to the Cowboys secondary they haven’t had since Roy Williams‘ early days in Dallas.

So take a minute and enjoy what you’re seeing from the Cowboys cornerbacks, and hope it lasts.

Now, about that offensive line.

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