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5 Things The New Orleans Saints Must Do To Beat The Green Bay Packers

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How The New Orleans Saints Can Beat The Green Bay Packers: 5 Things They Must Do

New Orleans Saints
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The New Orleans Saints will visit Lambeau Field this Sunday to face the Green Bay Packers. Both teams have a combined record of 1-5 with the Packers 1-2 and the Saints 0-3. The Packers are coming off of a controversial defeat to the Seattle Seahawks while the Saints are coming off of an overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. This will be a tough game for the Saints as they are playing on the road and against a disgruntled Packers team with the reigning MVP. The Saints have Drew Brees and a great offense so if this game turns out to be a shootout, which it very well may be, the Saints will have a chance.

The Saints have one of the best offenses in the NFL and it they will have to outscore the Packers to win this game. The Packers on the other hand have one of the best defenses in the NFL so this game could come down to offense versus defense. However, the Packers’ offense is not too shabby either and they have been known to put some points on the board. Furthermore, the Saints defense is not very good so I would look for this game to be a high scoring affair.

Both teams are very vulnerable right now but the Saints are desperate to get their first win of the season. The Packers will definitely be the toughest opponent of the season and it will not be easy to beat them. However, there is more than one way for the Saints to secure a victory and here are five things the Saints must do to beat the Packers:

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Must Establish A Ground Game

New Orleans Saints Running Backs
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The Saints are a great passing team, arguably the best passing team in the league. The Saints have passed 75 percent of the time through their first three games. The Saints are sixth in the NFL with passing yards with 284.7. There is no doubt that the Saints can pass the ball but to beat the Packers they need to be able to run the ball.

The Saints only average 92.7 rushing yards per game which is good enough for 22nd in the league. The Saints must establish a ground game to complement their passing attack. If the Saints can run against the Packers they can win this game.

The Saints will need big games from Mark Ingram, Darren Sproles, and Pierre Thomas. The Saints have great running backs they just need to use them and this game against the Packers will be the perfect opportunity.

The Packers are ranked number one in opponent’s passing yards giving up a league low 125.3 passing yards a game. On the other hand the Packers are not as great at defending the run as they rank 26th in the league giving up 135.7 yards a game. It might go against how the Saints like to play but if they can establish a run game they will beat the Packers.

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Must Pressure Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers

The Saints need to get at the quarterback in this game and must pressure Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has been sacked 16 times this season half of which came in the controversial loss to the Seahawks. As a result of all of the pressure Rodgers could never get the offense going as well as he would have liked and the Packers were only able to put up 12 points for the game.

If the Saints can pressure Rodgers like the Seahawks did then they will have a chance to beat the Packers and throw Rodgers off his game. The Saints’ defense has been anything but spectacular this season but if they can pressure Rodgers in this week four matchup they can beat the Packers. The Saints have only record six sacks on the season so the pass-rushers will have to step it up and get at Rodgers.

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Must Protect Drew Brees

Drew Brees
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The Saints offensive line is one of the best in the league but last week they gave up a costly safety against the Chiefs and that cannot happen again. Despite the safety the Saints’ offensive line has been doing a good job protecting Brees as they have only given up seven sacks.

However, the Packers have Clay Matthews, arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL right now, and the offensive line needs to try and slow down Matthews and protect Drew Brees. Brees will need to be at his best if the Saints hope to pull out a win on the road against the Packers and that will start with the play of the offensive line. The Saints will need to keep Brees upright so he can light up the scoreboard and out duel Rodgers.

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Defense Must Come Up With Big Plays

New Orleans Saints Defense
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The Saints’ defense is the worst in the league as they give up a league high 477.3 yards a game. The new look defense will have to give the Saints something if they want to stop the Packers.

If the Saints want to beat the Packers they will need to make some big plays on defense. The secondary needs to be on its game and slow down the Packers’ great receivers. Rodgers has only thrown two interceptions this season but if the Saints can force some turnovers it might give the offense more opportunities to win the game.

This game figures to be a shootout so if the defense can step up in a big way the Saints can win this game. It will not be easy but the Saints cannot afford to go 0-4 this season and the defense will need to play with a sense of desperation.

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Jimmy Graham Must Have A Big Game

Jimmy Graham
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Jimmy Graham has been missing in action through the first three weeks as he has only made 17 receptions for 172 yards and three touchdowns. Those numbers are not terrible but with a player the caliber of Graham you would expect more production. Graham will be the biggest receiver on the field and Brees should throw to him early and often.

I know the Packers’ defense is looking better and better but Graham is a pro-bowl tight end and the Saints will need him to step up. Graham needs to have a big game and take advantage of his smaller defenders.

This game would be the best game for Graham to come out and have a breakout game. If Graham can receive for over 100 yards and maybe a couple touchdowns the Saints will have a good chance to beat the Packers.

Graham is a superstar tight end and the Saints will need him to step up and “burn” the Packers secondary. The Saints must feature Graham in the offense and if they do that they can beat the Packers.