Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones to Open a Victoria's Secret In Cowboys Stadium

By Ben Grimaldi
Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Ssshhhh, it’s a secret.

Maybe Jerry Jones knew exactly what he was saying in training camp when he brought up the term “glory hole.” Then again, maybe the Dallas Cowboys owner just wants to continue his track record of making millions of dollars. Maybe he’s just a perverted old man. Maybe he’s all three.

On Monday Jones and the Cowboys announced they will welcome a new store to the absurdly monstrous theme park know as Cowboys Stadium when they unveil a Victoria’s Secrets store. On one hand, it may make sense to open a women’s clothing store since there continues to be more and more women who are passionate about football. On the other hand, we are talking about an intimate women’s clothing store, not just somewhere to get t-shirts and hats. Ok, enough about hands.

The Cowboys have said the line of clothing will not just be lingerie, it will include tees, sweats, hoodies, tank tops, and of course, underwear and sports bras.

Of all the teams in the NFL to think of this, it makes perfect sense that it’s the Dallas Cowboys. They were the first team to put their cheerleaders in skimpy outfits to bring in a higher attendance in the 1960’s. Back then the Cowboys cheerleaders did have a few “entertainers” on the squad but times have changed. The girls still wear tiny outfits but now it is more of a legitimate career for a lot of these girls. They do television specials, shoot calendars and have become part of the Dallas Cowboys history.

Jerry Jones doesn’t have any issues in the attendance department but he will do anything to bring more people into his palace. The NFL is trying to get more fans to attend the games and make more of an effort to accommodate everyone. I’m sure this partnership is designed to get more women into the stadium that otherwise wouldn’t attend a football game.

Does anyone else think New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is a little ticked off because he had the perfect pitch person for this idea in Tom Brady? He is married to a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, yet it’s Jerry Jones who brings Gisele to his team! Conflict of interest?

Laugh all you want at Jerry Jones, don’t we all, the man knows how to make money. I just wish he would stick to that and not being a GM.

I said stick, not sticky fellas, get your mind out of the gutter.


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