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NFL Week 4 Preview: Carolina Panthers vs. Atlanta Falcons

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Jeremy Brevard-US Presswire

The Carolina Panthers will be traveling to the Georgia Dome this weekend to face the Atlanta Falcons in another NFC South matchup.

The Panthers have fallen to a 1-2 record and the Falcons are atop the division at 3-0.

The Panthers did not play well the previous week against the NY Giants.  They also have a few injuries to key players.  LB Jon Beason is questionable, CB Chris Gamble is probable, and RB Jonathan Stewart is probable.

Cam Newton and the offense really need to on the same sheet of music and put the ball in the end zone. They only managed seven points in their last outing.  They are not in dire straits as of yet.  They just need to really get rolling. I think that if they take a look back at the things that they were doing right in their win over the New Orleans Saints they can get back to winning again.

LB Luke Kuechly and the defense need to step up and make plays because last week the Giants had their way with them putting up 36 points.

The Atlanta Falcons key is QB Matt Ryan and the offense. Ryan’s passing has been really on this year so far. Ryan and TE Tony Gonzalez have been scoring at will.

The Falcon defense is also playing well as a whole unit. They just need to continue to play as they have been and they will be fine.

The Panthers have to right the ship this week in order to make a serious run at the playoffs.  In my estimation they can still get it done, but it has to start now.

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