San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Jets: Niners Must Return to Identity

By Phil


When the San Francisco 49ers face the New York Jets in MetLife stadium this Sunday, what will we see?

For the Jets, you can expect subpar offense, and possibly a middling defense, especially after the devastating news of Darrelle Revis’s season ending injury.

So when I ask what to expect, it is in reference to the 49ers and their play this Sunday.

After a shocking defeat to the Minnesota Vikings in Week 3, this question shouldn’t be a surprise.

It’s one thing to lose, as any team can be defeated on any given Sunday, but it’s another thing to go out and not play 49ers football.

What is 49ers football? Run the ball, play suffocating defense, and control the time of possession. The 49ers failed in all three aspects and more.

The special teams unit was awful and the team committed three turnovers. Lets not forget how undisciplined the team seemed, with several penalties as evidence.

Why did the 49ers turn away from their identity? It’s a good question that has produced several different answers.

One thing to note is that the Vikings play inspired football and have shown the NFL that this team is not a pushover.

Christian Ponder won a lot of brownie points, with both fans and analysts alike, but more importantly, the Vikings defense has played above expectations.

The 49ers identity is something no team can claim to have. They run the ball, play great defense, and find a way to force turnovers.

Championship teams in this day of age are built to throw, throw, and throw. The 49ers are built from a different cloth.

They remind many of the infamous 2000 Baltimore Ravens, who were crowned the Super Bowl champions not because of their quarterback play, but in result of a bone-crushing defense.

This 49ers defense, with all their talent, is what scares opposing teams. Their identity is what sets them apart.

The Niners likely have the advantage against the Jets this weekend, but if they want to put the league on notice once again, they must return to their roots.

This means the Niners must run the ball, create turnovers on defense, and win the turnover the battle.

Anything else would be a fail. Not because the 49ers can’t win without playing their brand of football, but more so because it makes them just another team if they don’t.

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