Thomas DeCoud Plays The 'Meow' Game During Sportscenter Interview

By Bryan Lutz
Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

Atlanta Falcons cornerback Thomas DeCoud is now the favorite player of many fans across the world.

Meow this is something that is really hilarious. If you’re unfamiliar how the “meow” game works, then you are just a Thurman Merman who doesn’t enjoy cult comedy classics like Super Troopers. If you aren’t a Thurman Merman – another reference from another classic comedy – you know how the “meow” game works. Essentially, you drop the word “meow” as much as you possibly can in conversation before someone realizes it. The two cops in Super Troopers played the “meow” game when they pulled over the character played by Jim Gaffigan.

Today during an interview with Sportcenter, DeCoud decided it would be a good idea to play the game right meow. Meow, he did a very good job considering he never let up in his effort, and the anchor had no idea what he was actually doing. You can watch the video right meow:

Round of applause for Mr. DeCoud. More athletes need to treat interviews like this. I want a “meow” revolution right meow! Meow is the time shenanigans!

If you haven’t noticed by now, you should watch Super Troopers right meow. Your life will be better off for it.

Meow, I must bid you all ado…


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