Chicago Bears: The Blame Game on Offense

By Dominique Blanton
Jay Cutler Chicago Bears
Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE


The 41-21 offensive explosion against the Indianapolis Colts seems just so long ago. Jay Cutler after a poor start to the first quarter was hitting on all cylinders in the next three. Brandon Marshall showed why he was a top five Wide Receiver talent, the one-two punch of Matt Forte and Michael Bush look like it will live up to expectations, and offensive line look like it wouldn’t be a liability.

Fast-Forward and the Chicago Bears are once again ranking near the bottom in almost all the offensive statistics through three games. The Bears are 2-1 for the season, but the fans are concerned with the offense struggles despite the defense dominance.

So what is exactly wrong with the Bears offense? There’s a ton of issues on that side of the ball that is keeping them from reaching their potential.

For one the Bears are going through the growing pains of Mike Tice at offensive coordinator. Specifically the first quarter of the past three games, where the offense has gotten off to ugly slow starts. It’s very possible that Tice pretty much script the first 15 plays to get a feel for the opposing defenses tendencies, but at the same time he needs to get the offense in a rhythm early.

Along with the early game play-calling, the adjustment from series-to-series and quarter-to-quarter has been poor the past two games.

Tice is going to have his ups and downs throughout the season, but the potential is there for him to be a good offensive coordinator.

The offensive struggles don’t just rest on Tice’s feet. Cutler has been playing some pretty mediocre football the past two games. This is someone that has been lauded as a potential MVP candidate before the start of the season.

The o-line played bad against the Green Bay Packers, but even when they gave Cutler time to throw he still threw the ball poorly. Against the St. Louis Rams, the line played well but Cutler once again struggle with accuracy and decision-making.

It’s pretty simple, the Bears won’t get far if their franchise Quarterback is playing like that. Cutler took a step up last year, but so far this season has look as if he’s regressed.

There’s a lot of blame to go around on why this offense is not living up to expectations. Tice, Cutler, the WR’s, and O-line need to take their game to another level. There’s too much talent on the offensive side of the ball for them to be struggling this much.

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