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Green Bay Packers Character Comes Through After Tough Loss

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In what can only be described as a disappointing loss, the Green Bay Packers have had a week of answering questions about officiating and what needs to be done about it. Then the NFL and the refs struck a deal earlier this week that seemed to have calmed down the football world and the tweets of T.J. Lang.Of course the players were emotional after the game and the day after, but when it was time to focus on next, as head coach Mike McCarthy says it was easy for them to turn the page.

“I think our locker room is strong. I think the character in the locker room is very high,” McCarthy said. “Definitely, it was emotional, but when it was time to turn the page, they turned the page. I think that was probably the most important part of it.

“Anytime you go through a challenge and it doesn’t go the way you’d like, letting things linger is just really a waste of time and energy. Yeah, I’m proud of the way our guys handled it.”

The Packers organization has always been a model franchise for excellence both on and off the field and this team helped keep that tradition up with the way things were handled after the game. The raw emotion of losing by a bad call is something every player or team would have done if they were in that situation. A day later the Packers were still talking about what happened, but there was no yelling or tantrums, the players were calm and had their thoughts together and just mentioned that the NFL needs to do something about the refs or in the case of Aaron Rodgers apologizing to the fans.

It is hard to find players let alone an entire team that shows character, but it is nice to see that Green Bay has it. The Packers know that they are in a tough situation being at 1-2 and they can’t let something in the past prevent them from achieving their goal of a Super Bowl. As the team prepares to play the New Orleans Saints tomorrow, you can be sure of one thing that they are prepared and that the controversy of last week will be no distraction for them.


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