NFL Rumors: Arizona Cardinals Trading for Tim Tebow would be a bad idea

By Kase Brammer
Tim Tebow New York Jets

Tim Tebow is a great athlete and it’s hard to question his will to win, but if the Arizona Cardinals trade for him it would be a bad idea. You first have to ask yourself how much would it cost the Cardinals? Are we talking 2nd or 3rd round pick? 5th or 6th? Or a player that is already apart of the team? There is no question that Tebow is a marketable guy. For some reason his jerseys fly off the shelves and ESPN talks about him in, what seems like, everyday.

The Cardinals would be crazy to think trading for Tebow would benefit them some way unless there was a stipulation in his contract that he switched his position to tight end. The man can compete at this level. He showed it to us last year when he beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime last year in the playoffs. Tebow is responsible for a lot of “bury your head in sand” moments for other teams, but Tebow would come to the Cardinals as a backup QB.

The only reason I could see Arizona making the trade is to get more coverage from ESPN. It doesn’t make sense any other way. Tebow would put more pressure on Kevin Kolb because the media will blow the story up to make it seem like the fans want Tebow to start. Kolb was put under a lot of pressure when he came to Arizona and he was crushed under it. The fans are expecting less from him and he is finally showing them that he can compete at this level.

At 3-o heading into this weekend, trying to go 4-0, why would the Cardinals waste their time, money, or players on a guy who has a throwing motion so bad it could make a baby cry? They won’t. I expect the Cardinals to leave Tebow where he belongs; sitting on the bench behind a mediocre QB on the New York Jets.


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