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Tim Tebow as a Buffalo Bill? (Part 2)

Tebow, Tim 2

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Tim Tebow, the most polarizing athlete in the NFL history, and like I said, this is part two in which I will talk about why the Buffalo Bills should bring him in. Let me preface this all by saying I don’t like  his throwing power and or delivery and I don’t support the idea of trading for him at all.

I am not advocating to bring him or not bring him in, I am just showing both sides of the argument. How he benefits the team in this part and how he would be detrimental to a team in part 1.

With that being said, there are some things that I think Tim Tebow could bring to the Bills that they could use direly, thus upgrading the team.

I have been saying for years the Bills need a true power running back, and I think Tim could do that if he was interested in, considering he is 6′ 3″ 255 lbs and he showed last year in Denver that he could lay the boom down on some players due to his immense size for a smash-mouth style of running back like former Tampa Bay fullback Mike Alsott.

Also, he could make the wildcat offense less predictable since Brad Smith is only running in it now with extremely limited success, and has only passed it once since coming to Buffalo and it was intercepted.

The biggest things I respect Tim Tebow about more than anything is his leadership abilities and will to win, if half of the quarterbacks in the NFL had his leadership, they’d be destined for the Super Bowl every single year.

Thank you again for reading my second installment of this controversial topic that is seemingly heating up by the day. Leave a comment if you have something to say on here or hit me up on twitter @TheprofessorSD.