San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Jets: Halftime Thoughts

By Phil
Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE


If you aren’t a fan of the option attack, then this game isn’t for you. We should be talking about Alex Smith and Mark Sanchez, but instead it’s the backup quarterbacks that are in the line of focus.

Both Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick have made appearances in what has turned into a low scoring game.

We first saw Tebow early in the first quarter, with a direct snap that resulted in a short gain. Tebow also had short pass that resulted in a first down, but ended in a turnover after ensuing receiver fumbled.

Tebow had several other appearances as the half progressed, but in minor roles. Even more entertaining, is the Jets willingness to line up Tebow practically everywhere on offense.

Kaepernick on the other hand, has played a major role in the 49ers offense with the option attack.

He started with an impressive 17-yard run that resulted in a first down.

Kaepernick was used once more on the same drive in a deep play action attempt to receiver Randy Moss. The pass was incomplete but it showed Kaepernick’s impressive arm strength.

On the ensuing drive, after a 28-yard rush by Mario Manningham to put the 49ers in prime field position, Kaepernick put the 49ers on the scoreboard with a seven yard rushing touchdown.

Can we expect both teams to continue this trend in the second half? Not likely.

While creative, both teams have been ineffective on offense. Not that this game was going to turn into a shootout to begin with, but the flow on offense seems off for starting quarterbacks Alex Smith and Mark Sanchez.

However, despite both teams willingness to be creative with the passing attack, the 49ers and Jets have not forgotten about the running game.

The 49ers mistakenly focused far too much on the passing attack, especially early on, in their Week 3 loss to the Minnesota Vikings but have regained their run identity thus far in the half.

The same can be said for the Jets, with 11 rushing attempts thus far in the half.

With the 49ers up 10-0, the Jets are still in this game, but they must limit their turnovers in the second half.


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