Cliff Avril Injury Update

By Tina Musial

What looked like a potentially scary injury to Cliff Avril is luckily not so serious. The Detroit Lions defensive end went down in the fourth quarter on his own after trying to maneuver for a quarterback sack. His legs crumpled and he stayed on the ground for just a few minutes as trainers attended to him. It wasn’t clear if it was a knee, back or other ailment that took him down. He did manage to get up under his own power and hobble off to the side of the field, but he did not return to the game.

Avril was well enough to be interviewed after the game, however, and seemed hopeful that there was nothing serious wrong with his back. He was up and walking, but tests will surely be run Monday morning to rule out anything that could be more serious and keep him out of the game. The Lions do have a bye week, so he will get extra time to rest up and come back strong in two weeks. Before the injury, he had a productive afternoon with three quarterback take downs, three tackles and an assist on a sack.

An injury to the defense would be a blow to their already struggling line and secondary. The secondary has been plagued with injury and the front four aren’t as dominant as hoped they would be. Adding an injury would just be one more insult in a season that just can’t get on track for the Lions so far.

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