Denver Broncos Lose a Starter, Might be Better

By Joe Morrone


Denver Broncos starting center, JD Walton is likely out for the season with a broken ankle. It’s a tough blow for Walton but the Broncos might be better off with former New England Patriots center, Dan Koppen. The Broncos did not miss a beat after Walton’s injury and in some aspects, the offense looked better.

Koppen has a ton of experience both with the no huddle offense and playing with a franchise quarterback, as he did with Tom Brady. Walton has adjusted well to Manning and was having the best season of his career, but Koppen has the potential to be an upgrade. In addition to his experience with the no huddle offense, Koppen is more physical than Walton in terms of run blocking. Obviously the Broncos had the Oakland Raiders guessing in the second half, but Koppen was dominating his man on runs up the middle.

The Broncos are also due to get guard, Chris Kuper back in the very near future and he and Koppen would be a very physical pair on the interior of the offensive line. The Broncos proved on Sunday that they are at their best offensively when they can throw, and run the football. Having two players like Koppen and Kuper inside makes running the ball a little easier.

No one wants to see anyone get hurt and it does hurt the depth on the offensive line, but the Denver Broncos are going to be better off with Koppen at center. He will get his first start as a Bronco against his former team next Sunday.

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