Denver Broncos Win Playing Complimentary Football

By Joe Morrone


Folks, that’s why the Denver Broncos signed Peyton Manning just in case anyone forgot. Yes the Oakland Raiders secondary is beat up but Manning was a surgeon, and he completely carved up the Raiders. The best thing to come out of the win on Sunday is the Broncos finally played like they are built to play.

The offense came out fast, scoring seven right away and the immediately put pressure on the Raiders, but it was the second half when everything came together. Manning and the offense scored 21 quick points after the break, and the defense did not give up a first-down until the fourth quarter. The defense for the Broncos is better than people think, but it has to be in concert with their offense.

They are not going to dominate the way other defenses do but when they have a lead, they are aggressive and dangerous. Once the Broncos got up by two scores, fans saw a completely different defense. If the Broncos play like they played on Sunday, they are going to be extremely dangerous in the AFC.

As for Manning, people overreacted the past couple of weeks and now people will overreact the other way. The same thing that was true last week following two straight losses is also true this week, it’s a process. Sunday was a giant step in that process but there are still going to be some rough spots.

As long as Manning and the Denver Broncos continue to get better each and every week, the days like Sunday will happen more often. The Broncos are not there yet, but the win over the Raiders was a great step in the right direction.

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