Miami Dolphins: New Regime, but Still Creating New Ways to Lose

By Craig Ballard
Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

My thrill in life is interacting with you Phins phans through various social media. This article is going to be a tough read for the ‘Phins phaithful that I speak of. It is an article about how the Miami Dolphins have invented brand new ways to lose games these days. Unprecedented methods of turning wins into losses.

This is a new regime so we won’t go into huge detail about 2010 or 2011, but there were numerous blown games in those 2 seasons (for example Miami was the first team to be Tebowed…15-0 Miami with 3 minutes left only to be beat 18-15 in OT by Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos).

A new regime and a new franchise QB had hopes high that these wins would remain wins and not degrade into losses so often. The names are new, but the results are the same.

Week 1 at Houston Texans…3-0 Miami with 6 minutes left turned into 24-3 (and jam dun) by halftime. 4 straight turnovers. Have you seen that before? I have not. The score had deteriorated to 17-3 against the Dolphins and then they allowed a TD pass to Andre Johnson with 7 seconds left in the half. Good 1st half had turned into 24-3 halftime deficit. Jam dun. Unprecedented way to lose.

Week 3 at home to the New York Jets…Miami is up 10-3 at the half, and the Jets offense have done nothing. N-o-t-h-i-n-g. They were down for the count. Coming out to start the 3rd Q Rookie QB Ryan Tannehill throws a horrid pass (which was also a horrid decision) that gets returned for a pick-6. 10-10 and the dormant Jets suddenly had life. Then a 17-10 4th quarter lead for Miami becomes 20-17 for the Jets. Miami gets a FG to tie the game and send the game to OT. FG Kicker Dan Carpenter misses his 2nd FG of the game (either would have produced a Miami win). Miami then blocks the Jets attempt at a game-winning FG only to have the play blown dead due to a Miami time-out. Miami trailed in the game for less than 3 mimutes, BUT LOST (?!?!). Unprecedented way to lose.

In the game that ended moments ago (week 4 loss to the Arizona Cardinals) we saw Miami lead 13-0 at halftime. Their opening drive of the 2nd half set up a FG that would have allowed for a strangle hold on this game. Carpenter misses (twitter explodes with ire and venom for Carpenter) and the Cardinals march and score. What should have been 16-0 cruise control had quickly become 13-7 panic time. Late in the 4th Q, all that is required is running out the clock, but the offensive-line forgets to block a Cardinal (???how did that happen???) and of course we see a fumble recovered by Arizona. Miami had ‘Zona at 3rd and 20+ in the final minute, failed to hold them. On Arizona’s final play of the game (4th and 10 from the Miami 15…25 seconds left) Kevin Kolb finds Andre Roberts in the corner of the end-zone for the game-tying TD. BOTH Miami CB’s were over on that side, yet somehow on the last play/last chance the Cards score. In OT a Arizona INT leads to the game-winning FG. Unprecedented way to lose.

Fans with high hopes for 2012 were kicked in the gut last weekend vs the Jets, the pain of back-to-back OT losses (that were each sure Ws for most teams) is extremely tough for ‘Phins phans as their team continues to invent new ways to lose football games.

I for one have zero interest in moral victories. With my own two eyes I have seen games that are sure-fire wins get jackass-ed into losses. Frustrating, and to be honest – unacceptable.

Thank you for your read…I promise you will like all before and after articles! I know this is a tough one… for all of my daily Miami Dolphins articles.

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