San Francisco 49ers vs. New York Jets: 3 Keys to the Game

By Phil


Can the New York Jets upset the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday without their best player in Darelle Revis? Sure, but it will be tough.

The Jets will have a tough time against an angry 49ers team that just came from a Week 3 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. But, the Jets should be angry themselves.

For the last week, the only thing I’ve heard is how this team is finished without Revis Island.

I’m not knocking Revis’s impact, but this is still a team game, right? As much as want to celebrate the era of the quarterback, we mustn’t forget that teams win championships, not individuals.

However, Revis will be missed, but if the Jets don’t win the Super Bowl or fail to make a playoff appearance in 2012, the blame should be pointed at the team. This may not occur, but it’s the truth, like it or not.

Will the Jets succeed in 2012? I’m not betting on it for the reasons stated above, but the great thing about the NFL, is that predictions are usually hogwash until, you know, they actually occur.

Here are three keys to the 49ers-Jets game.

1) 49ers Running Game

The 49ers have one of the better running duos in the league in Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter, and will need both against this Jets defense.

The key to a Rex Ryan defense centers on deception and confusion. Ryan will show you one play, and then all of a sudden the defense does something out of the blue. Expect Ryan to be up to his old tricks, especially now with Revis done for the season.

Don’t be surprised if with the different fronts and schemes Ryan throws at the 49ers, meaning the running game will be the Niners most consistent weapon. The 49ers were pass happy against the Vikings in Week 3, especially early on in the game, but expect them to pound the rock against the Jets this Sunday to open up play action.

2) Kyle Wilson’s play

Wilson, who was the slot corner for the Jets before Revis went down, will now step in as the number two corner behind Antonio Cromartie. The former first round selection has had his up and downs but the Jets will now be counting on the third year player with the absence of Revis.

If he struggles, the 49ers will continue to attack Wilson through the air. This means big plays with the draw game, and possibly a deep shot or two for Randy Moss.

3) Dustin Keller and Mark Sanchez

This is dedicated more to Keller than Sanchez. As we saw against the Vikings last week, the 49ers defense struggled against tight end Kyle Rudolph. Keller must play big for Mark Sanchez this Sunday against a stout 49ers defense. The Jets lack consistent playmakers at the receiver position, with the exception of Santonio Holmes. If Keller is effective, it will open up this Jets offense.

The Jets will have their first test this Sunday against the 49ers. They can falter under the pressure or valiantly stand up to the critics who believe they’re done.

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