Tennessee Titans Starting Quarterback Jake Locker Re-injures Left Shoulder

By Stephanie Umek
Jake Locker at Houston Texans

It was the very first game of the regular season, the first time he got to prove himself to everyone in the league that he could play with the professionals. That was the home opener for the Tennessee Titans against the New England Patriots.

Unfortunately for Jake Locker, he was forced to tackle a runner on a missed call. A pass that should have been ruled incomplete, forced a shoulder injury for Locker. He has been alright in the last two weeks, but within the first quarter he has re-injured the shoulder on a hit from the Houston Texans.

With rookie quarterback Rusty Smith also out on injury, veteran Matt Hasselbeck will be on his own the rest of the game. Fortunately for the Titans he came out on his first drive with a 25 yard completion to Jared Cook. Cook has also not seen a lot of time due to his shoulder injury.

A lot of problems are coming up, more so than the Titans thought they would. Playing the best team in your division is hard, if people cannot stay healthy, there is no way to get a win out of it.

Who knows how long Locker will be out with this injury, a separated shoulder is hard to deal with, one solid hit in the right spot pops it out of place. While you can quick fix it, the process of fully healing is hard to pinpoint.

Fantasy teams will want to watch him closely in the next few days in practice; it is highly unlikely he will return today, next week is still questionable also.

Keep checking Rant Sports for the latest on Titans injuries, currently the Titans trail the Texans 14-0 in the second quarter.

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