Top NFL GIF's of Week 4

By Trisity Miller

With Week 4 almost over, the NFL didn’t fail to impress with the slate of games that were scheduled this week. The New England Patriots exploded for 52 points, the New Orleans Saints are an astonishing 0-4, the Minnesota Vikings are flying under the radar as Christian Ponder and Adrian Peterson has helped this team to an impressive 3-1 and many more things have happened this week.

With my new installment and help of SBNation, i’m going to display to top gifs of the week as some impressive and (not) impressive plays have occurred this week. Hope you all enjoy.

Yikes. We all know that Philadelphia Eagles‘ running back LeSean McCoy is GOOD, but he juked safety Kenny Phillips so bad, he injured his leg.

The fact that Santonio Holmes got hurt without even being touched doesn’t say anything positive about his status (see Darrell Revis from last week). This GIF is one here because when he hurt himself he threw the ball away which eventually led to a touchdown via fumble. He wasn’t touched so the play was completely legal.

Before the year started I picked Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Mark Barron to be the Rookie Defensive Player of the Year, but obviously he’s participating in the wrong sport as he body slams quarterback Robert Griffin. I thought we got rid of the WWE theatrics when the replacement refs left.

Speaking of body slams, this one may be better than the last one. Except this one was more of a reverse body slam. Cornerback Josh Robinson made sure that Nate Burleson wasn’t getting anymore yards after the catch. If an NFL career doesn’t work for Robinson, then I’m sure he can take his talents to Monday Night Raw.

Alright who didn’t inform me that the NFL has turned into the WWE? First two body slams and now Ramses Barden think’s he’s Chris Benoit with that crippler cross-face move. SMH. This is also a prime example of how to lose a game for your team as this moved them out of field goal position and later led to this

Hope you all enjoy this weekly article as it’ll be something I drop every week after the 1 o’clock and 4:15 games.

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