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5 Things We Learned In Green Bay Packers Win Against New Orleans Saints

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5 Things We Learned In Green Bay Packers Win Against New Orleans Saints


The Green Bay Packers (2-2) defeated the New Orleans Saints (0-4) 28-27 in a thrilling game at Lambeau Field Sunday afternoon. The Packers were efficient and able to overcome another series of bad calls by the regular officials to record the victory.

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers had possibly his finest game this season as he out-dueled Drew Brees to be the better signal caller of the day. Although Brees threw for 446 yards and three touchdowns, he was nowhere near as efficient as Rodgers was. Rodgers posted a passer rating of 119.9 and threw for 319 yards and four touchdowns.

The officials almost cost the Packers another game after several blown calls occurred throughout the contest. The one call that ultimately could have been the difference maker was when Darren Sproles was incorrectly ruled down by contact after he clearly fumbled the football late in the fourth quarter. Thankfully, it did not matter as Green Bay’s defense stepped up and forced New Orleans to kick a field goal, which they missed after an offensive penalty forced the Saints to move the ball back.

Kicker Garrett Hartley had initially made the 43 yard field goal but it was nullified by an offensive holding penalty. Green Bay’s Mike Daniels was then called for encroachment, which made the 53 yard field goal a 48 yard attempt. What people may not realize is all of this time moving the ball back-and-forth due to penalties actually appeared to ice the kicker. Hartley missed the kick wide left and gave the Packers the win. The following slides are five things we learned about Green Bay in their win over New Orleans.

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Mike McCarthy’s adjustments are paying off


Rodgers was sacked eight times in the first half against the Seattle Seahawks last week but has not been taken down in six quarters since. Head coach Mike McCarthy made some solid adjustments at half time and they have been paying off ever since as the offensive line has been able to protect their quarterback better. This is one of many reasons why McCarthy is one of the best coaches in the league.

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Packers are in trouble if Rodgers ever gets hurt

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Rodgers had to leave the game for a play in the third quarter due to a lack of depth perception after being poked in the eye on a facemask penalty. Rodgers felt fine leaving for one play because he assumed the offense would be able to run the ball into the end zone with three chances from the two yard line. However, backup Graham Harrell tripped over Josh Sitton’s foot on the first play and fumbled the ball as he was trying to hand it off to Benson. This clearly proves Harrell is not NFL ready and the Packers do not stand a chance if Rodgers misses any game time with an injury.

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Offense is beginning to look like old self


Anyone who has watched Green Bay play this season can tell that the offense has been out of sync and does not look anywhere near how they did last year. However, against New Orleans that appeared to have changed as Rodgers hit eight different receivers and was able to throw the ball exactly where he wanted for the most part. Everybody was making plays and the offense looked like it could not be stopped, something that happened week in and week out in 2011.

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Cedric Benson is close to having a breakout game

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Benson understands more of the offense as each week passes and his 18 carries for 84 yards prove he is on the cusp of having a breakout game. He is making great reads in pass protection and has been a threat out of the backfield in the pass offense. Not to mention, Benson is running with authority and has made several plays when it appeared there was nowhere for him to go with the ball.

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Defense needs to work on blown assignments

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The Packers gave up a season-high 446 passing yards to the pass happy Saints. Some of this had to do with how good Brees is in the passing game, but most of it had to do with Green Bay’s defensive backs blowing their assignments. One play in particular happened when cornerback Sam Shields thought he had protection over the top and allowed Joe Morgan to run right pass him for an 80 yard touchdown pass. The Packers need to work on their communication in the future or pay for it dearly down the road.