Cleveland Browns: Will the Real Josh Gordon Please Stand Up!

By Ryan Ruiz
Andrew Weber-US Presswire

For the first time since 1985, the Cleveland Browns decided to participate in the NFL Supplemental Draft this past spring. General Manager Tom Heckert and his scouting experts were drawn to a young man with a troubled past from the University of Utah. The only issue with that was the player that Heckert and his crew had scouted, never played one snap for the Utes. He made a name for himself at Baylor playing catch with Washington Redskins phenom Robert Griffin III.

At 6-3 and 225 lbs, Josh Gordon was picked by the Browns in the Supplemental Draft. The price to pay for him: the only 2013 second round draft pick we have. The move was 50/50 with the fans because of the steep price but nonetheless, it had to be done. Gordon is the prototypical size of a big play making receiver. My only question four games in is, where have you been Mr.Gordon?

With the season 25% over, Gordon has caught 7 passes for just 93 yards. Are you kidding me?! That means he is on pace for 28 catches and 372 yards. The Browns gave up a second rounder for this?! Once again, this is ridiculous! I’m sorry that you missed your last season in college, but it’s time for you to step up. When you have the God given talent and size, you do something with it. In another season full of losing, Gordon was supposed to be one of those bright spots on not just the offense, but the team too. The 21 year old was supposed to be that feel good story of the year- how a kid with a drug troubled past could come in and be the hero Cleveland fans need him to be. But just like the disappointment we endure every week, it just hasn’t clicked yet.

The good news is there are 12 more games left in the season. With Greg Little struggling to catch the football (if only stickum was legal again), more opportunities are going to be there for Gordon. He must figure out how to take advantage of them by releasing off the line better and running crisp routes. Otherwise, it’s Brian Robiskie all over again.

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