Coach Jim Schwartz Says Detroit Lions Deserved Boos

By Tina Musial

The postgame conference for the Detroit Lions was a somber affair. And after three consecutive losses, it’s no surprise. Coach Jim Schwartz didn’t pull any punches when asked about how he felt after a few choruses of boos went around after a touchdown was allowed and then the Lions rolled a three-and-out right away:

They’re voicing their same displeasures as is their right to do. We need to play better. I thought the fans were excellent today. At the end, they were loud as can be, got the ball back, nobody was leaving. I thought our fans were fantastic today. We need to play better if we don’t want to hear boos.

How many coaches sound like they are praising fans for sending out a deserved round of boos? Not too many. It’s probably why Schwartz is loved in the city of Detroit so much. He knows when it is deserved and doesn’t make excuses for the team when they play sloppy.

Fans are disappointed in the Lion’s season thus far for several reasons:

Calvin Johnson, aka Megatron, has only had a measly 423 yards on the season. That’s just under 106 yards average per game!

Matthew Stafford can’t seem to find his groove. He has three touchdowns for the year, but four interceptions. He doesn’t appear comfortable in the pocket and is forcing throws to his receivers, who aren’t catching and hanging on to the ball.

– The record is 1 – 3. Secretly, most fans expected to be sitting at 3-1 right now with the tools the Lions had on the roster. And they should be at 3-1 now with the talent pool.

– Injuries. There were 13 players on the injured list Friday afternoon. Enough said.

– The special teams rank #1 in the NFL with seven plays of 60+ yards against them. Against them, not in favor of them.

– The Lions rank #1 in the NFL with dropped passes by receivers with 12. Brandon Pettigrew has 4 of them just in the last two games.

Ndamukong Suh hasn’t shown how tough and mean of a defenseman he is. None of the linemen have.

The one positive thing going for the Lions fans is that it can’t get much worse than it already is.

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