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Denver Broncos: Five Stars From Sunday’s Win

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The Five Players Who Shined For The Denver Broncos on Sunday


The Denver Broncos turned in their most complete effort of the season on Sunday with a 37-6 drubbing of the Oakland Raiders. Through the first three games, the Broncos had looked good in spots but struggled to sustain any kind of momentum. On Sunday, however, both sides of the ball clicked.

The offense finally got off to a great start with an impressive 80 yard drive to open the game. After that, they struggled a little through the second quarter but really came to life after the half. The Broncos scored 21 points in a six minute span to put the game away. Some of the more impressive numbers include; 10 for 16 on 3rd downs, no punts and 503 yards of total offense. If the offense continues to click like that, or anything close to that then the Broncos will be a dangerous team in the coming weeks.

As impressive as the offense was, the defense for the Broncos was at least as impressive if not more so. The Raiders made a few plays early but once the Broncos got control of those things, it was a long afternoon for Carson Palmer. The Raiders could not run the ball at all and were 1 for 12 on third down; those were the two primary areas of concern heading into Sunday’s game. The defense still has a ways to go but it appeared as if they figured some things out on Sunday versus the Raiders.

With that said, here are the top five players for the Broncos from Sunday’s win.

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Peyton Manning


To quote so many who have said it, “The demise of Peyton Manning has been greatly exaggerated.” Manning was terrific going 30 for 38 for 338 yards and 3 touchdowns. There are probably still some out there that believe Manning is done, but it is going to be awfully tough to make that argument after his performance on Sunday. Manning was in sync with all of his receivers for the first time all season and they will still continue to get better. Is his arm strength the same as it once was, no but it doesn’t have to be. If Manning continues to progress as he has through the first four weeks of the season, then there will be a lot more days like Sunday.

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Willis McGahee


What makes any offense dynamic is balance and Willis McGahee continues to provide that for the Broncos. McGahee turned in another 100 yard performance and added 23 yards receiving out of the backfield. Defenses are going to have to focus on Manning as he continues to get better, so McGahee will continue to have holes to run through.

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Keith Brooking

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There was a lot of concern about middle linebacker, Joe Mays not being there because of the running game of the Raiders. Keith Brooking stepped up in a big way and was huge versus the run. Darren McFadden had a couple of nice runs early but after that, Brooking and the other linebackers did a great job in shutting down the run. Brooking may have lost a step but he is smart as they come, and knew exactly where he was supposed to be on every play.

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Wesley Woodyard

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Wesley Woodyard played the best game of his career as a linebacker. He did a great job of setting the edge on running plays, and never let McFadden get to the outside. Woodyard was also great in pass coverage and was also a factor in the pass rush. In short, Woodyard had a terrific all around game.

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Von Miller


For the first time in the 2012 season, Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil showed up on the same day. There were only two sacks but Palmer was under pressure all day and it was the dynamic duo that led the way. In addition to his pass rush, Miller played his best game versus the run. He stuffed McFadden on several occasions and was also great in pass coverage. Dumervil was disruptive all day and did a good job versus the run as well. If the Broncos defense is going to be what it needs to be, then it is Miller and Dumervil that have to lead the way.