Houston Texans balanced attack key against Tennessee Titans

By Joe Serenka

The Houston Texans showed that the key to an effective offense is keeping the defense guessing. Against the Tennessee Titans the Texans utilized a balanaced attack to defeat the Titans 38-14. For the game the Texans ran 59 plays, with 28 passes and 31 runs. By keeping the play selection even it makes it hard for the defense to predict what the offense will do on any given play.

The Houston passing game produced two touchdowns as quarterback Matt Schaub completed 20 of 28 pass attempts. The touchdowns were both scored by Texan tight ends. In the first quarter Schaub was able to connect with James Casey on an 11 yard pass. Schaub’s second touchdown throw came in the 3rd quarter when he was able to find Owen Daniels for a 28 yard strike.

The rushing attack for the Texans was efficient but not as dominate as it has been in previous games. The team’s leading rusher for the game was running back Arian Foster. On 24 carries he was able gain 86 yards and found the end zone in the first quarter. Back up running back Brandon Tate was able to contribute 5 carries for 11 yards. While the running backs were not able to shred through the defense they were able to effectively keep the chains moving.

While no player on the offensive side of the ball had eye-popping statistics the Texans had an effective day. Schaub was able to spread the ball around as 7 different receivers had catches. The offense worked as a cohesive unit with everyone pitching in to help the cause. This balance makes the Texans a dangerous team to face. There is no one player or scheme that the defense can key in and stop. If the Texans keep up this balance they will be very hard to stop.

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