Indianapolis Colts: Team Must Rally Behind Bruce Arians

By Eric Smith
Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE
This season has taken a dramatic turn for the worse for the Indianapolis Colts. It was announced today via the Indianapolis Star that head coach Chuck Pagano has promyelocytic leukemia. The diagnosis will keep Pagano out at least six weeks as he will be hospitalized for that length of time for treatment. He’s expected to have a full recovery and the illness is not life threatening.
Pagano, will turn 52 tomorrow and was in his first season as a head coach. I hope for a speedy recovery for coach Pagano and his family. Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians will take over in an interim role and lead this team starting with this weekend’s game against the Green Bay Packers. This Colts team must rally behind him and not use this as an easy way out to lose.
Coach Pagano is a fighter. He’s going to be cured and doesn’t want to lose everything he built. This team is on an upward trend and something like this they need to use to grow closer and stronger. The motto the team put on this season was “Colts Strong” and “build the monster.” Now, in my mind it should be “Chuck Strong” and “Win for Chuck.” This team needs to fight as hard as Pagano is to get healthy. This could actually make this team stronger and fight harder.
Coach Arians isn’t here to take Pagano’s job. This is just an interim basis until Pagano is healthy enough to return. It’s time to rally behind Arians and win some games starting Sunday against Green Bay. There’s no excuses now. Their head coach is battling much tougher things right now and a game against another opponent is much easier than what Pagano is going through. It’s time to use this as motivation to match Pagano in fighting hard every second of every game. He is, no reason this team shouldn’t.
That means the fans need to come together and rally behind this team and coach Pagano as well. Show up every game and cheer louder than ever before. We can fight through this all together. We need to support coach Pagano and fight as hard as him every time that team is on the field. Lets not let him down on something special he’s built. This season is for Chuck.

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