Kassim Osgood Addresses Detroit Lions Fans

By Tina Musial

Detroit Lions fans can rest assured the players felt their frustration yesterday in the loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Maybe it was the booing that tipped them off? Wide receiver Kassim Osgood took to his Twitter account to do several things for the Detroit fans. He semi apologized for missing a tackle on the special teams, a team that saw two touchdowns against them for the day:

Why was he more worried about a penalty than the six points? The replacement refs are gone and the real ones aren’t known for calling crazy and unnecessary penalties, so he should have focused on stopping the runner. Even though it is a mini-excuse, he does admit it was his mistake not to make the tackle. That is at least a step in the right direction.

Osgood also tried to make nice with the fans, saying he has been to many other cities but never one as good as Detroit. He said he felt the love even through the frustration and the boos because the fans do love their city so much. He goes on to say:

There could be some debate as to if everyone is working hard, but it can slide for now. This could be the first of many tweets by Lions players to address the issue of play performance and promises to do better after the bye week. With the first quarter of the season over, it’s time to assess what is working and what is not and make adjustments. Three quarters of the season is left, which is enough time to turn around this Lions team.

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