Minnesota Vikings Continue to Play a Disciplined Brand of Football

By Andrew Fisher

The Minnesota Vikings sit at 3-1 after a quarter of the season, a place where no one picked them to be. Everyone had labeled this team as a rebuilding one, not a contending one. Now clearly it’s still early, but if you’re a fan of the purple and gold, you’ve got to be feeling good about what you’ve seen on Sundays.

So how are the Vikings doing it?

To me it’s real simple: they aren’t beating themselves. Outside of week 2, the turnovers and penalties have been very few and far between.

Minnesota is playing a disciplined brand of football that’s low risk, but high reward if executed properly. It’s far from the Greatest Show on Turf, but it’s an approach that gives this team a chance to win every Sunday.

A steady diet of Adrian Peterson, mixed with a short passing attack, has been the recipe for offensive success.

The defense has stayed solid in the familiar ‘Cover 2’ scheme, not allowing big plays down the field. The front four has been able to get pressure all season long, while the secondary keeps everything in front of them, and it certainly doesn’t hurt when linebacker Chad Greenway is playing like a man possessed either.

While the Vikings don’t seem like an elite team yet, they are a team that will continue to be in every game if they keep executing their current game plan. If so, it won’t be long before the rebuilding label is removed.

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