Minnesota Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe Challenges Politician to Debate on Gay Marriage

By Andrew Fisher
Brace Hemmelgarn-US PRESSWIRE

Chris Kluwe is known for a few things: punting for the Minnesota Vikings, his love for World of Warcraft, and now for being an advocate of same-sex marriage.

Kluwe made headlines last month with his fiery letter to a Maryland politician who opposed gay marriage, and now he’s at it again, offering to debate a Minnesota Representative on the same issue.

The Representative in question is Mary Franson (R): District 11B.

Ms. Franson is on record as saying that she does not view homosexuality as ‘normal behavior.’

She recently pointed out Kluwe in this statement:

“Because I am standing on my principles the leftists who oppose marriage between 1 man and 1 woman are now funneling money to my opponent. I need YOUR HELP NOW to counter their attacks.”

Kluwe has since responded with a few statements of his own:

“It’s hilariously ironic that Rep. Mary Franson claims I’m undermining ‘traditional values.’ How’s the right to vote treatin’ ya, Mary?”

“Basically, I was pointing out the fact that it is very hypocritical of her to ask for a return to traditional values, when traditional values say she should have been in the kitchen, and not in office. Traditional values doesn’t just mean what you want it to mean. It can also mean some pretty bad stuff.”

“We’re thinking of actually extending her an official invitation to see if she wants to do a debate.”

When asked if he thought she would accept he said, “I don’t think she will.”

Currently Kluwe is working with the group Minnesotans for Equality, to try an organize the debate before gay marriage hits the ballots this November.

While the punter certainly isn’t a politician, I have no doubt he would own Ms. Franson on this issue. Kluwe is very sharp, and after reading some of the Representative’s comments, I’m not sure I could say the same about her.

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