Philadelphia Eagles Proving to be Unstoppable With Game On the Line

By Bryn Swartz

The Philadelphia Eagles squeaked out a 19-17 victory against the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants, their third fourth quarter comeback win in the first four games of the 2012 season.

Incredibly, this victory followed the exact same formula as the Eagles’ first two wins.

The Eagles used a long drive to take a late lead and then came up with a huge defensive stop to win the game in the final minute. Each game was draining, exhausting, and utterly awesome as a fan.

I’m not sure the rest of the NFL realizes how clutch the Eagles have been this season. They’ve had to have six drives go their way to win those three games, and all six did.

They scored a touchdown against the Cleveland Browns when only a touchdown would do. Then they stopped the Browns when a field goal would have lost the game. They did the exact same thing against the Baltimore Ravens. And they scored a field goal against the Giants and made a defensive stop when a field goal would have cost the Eagles a win.

There are so many what if’s for the team this season.

What if LJ Fort intercepted Michael Vick in the end zone? What if Vick was called for intentional grounding or didn’t have the fumble overturned against the Ravens? What if the refs didn’t call offensive pass interference on Ramses Barden near the end zone?

Three plays have gone the Eagles way. Change all three plays and the Eagles are 0-4.

But that’s how it works in football. The majority of games go down to the final few minutes, sometimes even the final few seconds. One play can make or break a game, which results in making or breaking a season.

Last year, everything was going wrong for the Eagles. Ronnie Brown. Jaiquawn Jarrett. Chas Henry.

This year, everything is going right. It could be a simple case of regressing to the mean on clutch play.

Or it could be a determined team out to capture that elusive Super Bowl title that has escaped them for the 13 years that Andy Reid has been head coach.

Only time will tell. But one thing is for certain. Right now, the Eagles are completely unstoppable with the game on the line, on both offense and defense.

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