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Top 5 Most Important Players on the Arizona Cardinals

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Arizona Cardinals: Top 5 Most important players on the Arizona Cardinals

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The Arizona Cardinals are playing great football right now. They are playing as a team and they are winning as a team. Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt must love seeing the Cardinals play with such selflessness. Right now their attitude is play for the team at all costs. This my friends is a winning a Super Bowl type of attitude.

The Cardinals showed they can continue to fight when they are down on Sunday and that is a key to being a great team. The Cardinals need to hate losing, but not let it get in their heads on the field. Keep playing their team game and they will continue to win this team game.

The future looks bright for this young squad. The offensive line gets better week after week and the defense continues to strive to be the best. The running game continues to be a problem and that is why you won't find an offensive linemen or running back on this list.

Although they play as a team, there are a few players that cannot be over looked at the key ingredients to the Cardinals recipe for success. Since the defense is one of the best in the NFL there will obviously be more defensive players on the list than offense, but there is a surprise waiting for you at the end of the top five. I like to start with the number 1 player, because to this writer it's obvious, but as we go down the list the players impact gets tighter and tighter. What? You can't think of the most important player on the team, well I guess you're going to have to hit next to find out.

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1. Larry-Fitzgerald

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Okay, so you probably guessed it. Personally I wrote Larry Fitzgerald off after week 2 of the season, but he has proven the doubters wrong over the past two weeks. Fitzgerald may be the most intelligent player in the NFL and his ability to overcome difficulties is second to none. With no consistency at quarterback in his entire professional career he still manages to be the youngest WR to 700 catches ever. He doesn't whine he doesn't pout. He plays the game week after week and at a Hall of Fame level.

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2. Patrick Peterson

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Patrick Peterson is becoming one of the best corners in the league. He still makes mistakes, but he is number 2 on this list because he is apart of the future of this team. Over the next few seasons he will emerge as a true shutdown corner and create problems for any quarterback. Peterson also returns punts which makes him even more valuable to the team. He will post career numbers this season and be a key part, if he stays healthy, of the Cardinals Super Bowl run. That is if they make it that far.

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3. Darnell Dockett

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Darnell Dockett is a very loud individual and a key part of the Cardinals believing they can beat the very best in the league. Not that many people expected the Cardinals to be leading the NFC west going into week 5, but Darnell has his "birdgang" believing. Dockett is a fierce pass rushing and a great run stopper. He is a huge part of this defense and a huge part of the "team first" philosophy. Cardinals fans need to pray he stays healthy because if he's not they will run into some problems defensively.

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4. Calais Campbell

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Calais Campbell was the NFC defensive player of the week against the New England Patriots. He is very quick and very strong on the end and another key part to the Cardinals defensive success. I always say that success on the defense starts with the front four. If they can stop the run and rush the passer effectively the other seven players on the team can play football without over thinking every play. Once the offense has you thinking you're a step behind. Campbell makes sure quarterbacks are always on the run. They don't have enough time to make the defense think.

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5. Kevin Kolb

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Surprise, it's Kevin Kolb. Kolb was the backup heading into the first game of the season, but by the end of the game he was in because of an injury to John Skelton. Kolb led a touchdown drive to start his season and he may never have to sit on the bench again. As far as I'm concerned, if the Cardinals sit Kolb before he loses a game Ken Whisenhunt will take some pressure from the media. Kolb might need to keep winning to keep his job, but as far as I'm concerned he has done enough to start the rest of the season.