Woody Johnson, Owner of New York Jets, Puts Political Hopes Before On-Field Success

By Christopher Gamble


Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson recently went on Bloomberg TV and stated he would rather see Mitt Romney win the 2012 Presidential Election than his Jets team win a football game.  I’m sure that has angered many Jets fans, especially considering many of the team’s faithful reside in heavy Democratic-leaning states like New Jersey and New York.

“Well I think you always have to put country first,” Johnson said.  “So I think it’s very, very important that for, not only for us, but in particular, for our kids and grandkids that this election come off with Mitt Romney and [Paul] Ryan as President and Vice President.”

Johnson bought the Jets in 2000 for $635 million, the third highest sum ever paid for a professional sports franchise and the largest sum ever paid for a New York franchise.  The Jets have gone 101-95 since 2000 and have made the playoffs six times in that span, including two trips to the AFC Championship game.

I know Jets fans are having a hard time understanding a presidential election being more important than a football game, but I have to say, regardless of who he supports, Johnson definitely has his priorities straight.

Johnson has long supported Republican candidates and has donated over $1 million to various Republican candidates through 2010.  He came out in favor of Mitt Romney in 2011 and has been a long-time supporter of the former Massachusetts governor.

Still, after getting shut out 34-0 by the San Francisco 49ers at home, the second worst loss in the Rex Ryan era, Jets fans might not want to hear about other things being more important than a win.  In fact, after yesterday abysmal performance, Jets fans might want to hear about how Woody Johnson is going to hire someone who knows how to run an effective offense rather than who he hopes wins a presidential election.

Simmer down, Jets fans, Woody has been a very good owner.  He has never denied the Jets management anything they have needed to field a football team — and with the exception of 1998, when was the last time Jets fans really felt good about their team in back-to-back seasons?  Oh, and don’t worry, the Jets will win a football game again.

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