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Lolo Jones Challenges Eric LaGrand to Race via Twitter

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

I don’t know Lolo Jones as a person, but if I had to judge her by basing it off what I have seen from Twitter and other sources, I would say that she’s one comment away from being regarded as a terrible person. And guess what happened? She may have made that mistake; this time by saying something completely out-of-line to former Rutgers player Eric LeGrand who suffered an injury during his collegiate days that forced him to be in a wheel chair.

Yes it was an accident, but some background information should have been done. Just by looking at LeGrand’s twitter profile photo, you can see that he is in a wheel chair.

We all make mistakes as human beings, but Lolo has a history of saying a couple things that are presented as “out-of-line”. We don’t know Lolo personally, but mistakes like this simply can’t happen. She seems apologetic after the fact when a informs her that Eric is quadriplegic:

As a person, I’ll give Lolo a chance and won’t deem this foul play, but knowing her past record of simply not caring sometimes may deflect someone else’s sympathy. Check your facts next time Lolo. It’s only ignorant if you don’t know.